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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh the things I've learned...

I've learned a few things while being pregnant and thought I'd share....

1. Cramps aren't just for the monthly visit.
2. Just because I'm craving it, doesn't mean baby is.
3. I can start the morning looking hardly pregnant and return from work looking 6 months along, all thanks to bloating.
4. I have a tilted uterus.
5. My mid-section can grow but the number on the scale can stay the same.
6. Pregnancy is not for wussy's. (that's why us women have to go thru it.)
7. Meat never tasted so bad.
8. Water can actually make me gag.
9. I never thought it would feel so good and painful at the same time to take my bra off.
10. When it's time to eat, it's time to eat NOW.
11. Don't buy too much of one thing, it may sound delightful one day and repulsive the next.
12. Just because I'm exhausted doesn't guarantee I will sleep well at night.

I also have learned some more uplifting things!

1. I will be a mom before I'm 30
2. My husband is more amazing every day.
3. My husband can sew (I will post on that later!)
4. Coke and Dr. Pepper are also made caffeine free!
5. If a donut is what sounds good, I will eat it, guilt free.
6. I take a bottled water to church and don't feel one bit bad about sipping on it here and there.
7. I don't have to lift a thing, at work or at home, I'm well taken care of!
8. Miracles happen!

Hopefully as I am more into my 2nd trimester my list of uplifting things will outgrow the "other" things I've learned!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Avon Site

For those of you who don't know, and well for those you do, I sell Avon. I have a site that you can order from 24/7 and have it shipped directly to you. There's a $3 shipping charge BUT I am trying to keep tabs on FREE shipping codes for you to use. You can visit the site here and there is another link off to the right side of my blog. You can still continue to order directly from me if you would like, either way works for me. If you do order online you should receive a new book for your viewing pleasure!

Happy Shopping!