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Welcome. We are Mike and Kim Simmons. We have 2 adorable children that rule our home, and we're ok with that.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Simmons Family Pictures

I know you must be thinking, seriously Kim, MORE? ...well yes MORE we've been busy!
After our anniversary getaway we had to get up early to rush home for family pictures! I think they turned out pretty nice! A girl from John and Jaelyn's ward took them for us. Good lookin' group don't ya think!?

It's what fun is!

4th Annual Simmons Family Lagoon Day! You know how it rolls....like a roller-coaster!
This year we all had matching shirts...what a ride that was!

Our Anniversary Getaway!

I know it's been a couple weeks but better late than never right?! I left Mike up to planning our anniversary fun this year and boy did he do a great job! After work on Thursday the 23rd (our actual anniversary) I came home to Mike, who said he had class that night. That was surprise #1. He then told me to pack my bag for a sleepover, in a big enough bag for not just 1 but 2 nights!! As we drove I realized we were headed to Park City. We are the poor kids living with the in-laws so I'm sure you can imagine I'm thinking "where on earth are we staying up here that we could possibly afford?!" Mike just kept telling me to trust him and I'm so glad I did. We ended up at the Canyon Westgate Resort, yes still trusting him at this point was getting tough! ha-ha! As we went to park Mike started explaining how we could stay here. With some help he saw an ad on KSL.com classifieds for a stay at this resort for $25 a night and all we had to do while staying there is listen to a time share deal and take a tour. We did that Friday and it was only 90 minutes and we just said no to the offer got our $25 gift receipt to the resteraunt there and stayed our 2 nights! SCORE! We went to Park City Main street for some dinner and walking around, we enjoyed the pool, and shopping! It was such a wonderful getaway! It really couldn't have been better! Thank you Mikey for taking such great care of me and for planning such a wonderful getaway for us! I LOVE YOU!!!!