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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ryan Shupe or Travis?

While we were in St. George we got to go see a concert at Tuacahn, Peter B. along with Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband! I think Ryan Shupe looks like my brother Travis

Ryan Shupe...
and the rubberband

Peter B. grew a beard!

Vegas Baby

How could I forget Vegas?! After listening to a time share presentation we got a free, well mostly free, trip to Vegas! We stayed at the Tropicana for 2 nights. Because we were there more in the middle of the week, we finished our weekend in St. George with Travis and Louise. SO much fun!!!
We enjoyed a Gondola ride at the Venetian! Totally worth the money! A free dinner at Planet Hollywood, and a 24 hour buffet! Oh and Vegas has a Pin Ball Hall of Fame! A bit of a hole in the wall but seriously fun, we could have spent more time there, and some day we will!

Then there was our hike in St. George, Snow Canyon. BEAUTIFUL!

And what better way to end a weekend then with a dance party!? Quinn, Audrey, Pierce and Tessa do it best!

29 Forever...right?

For some reason when you ask a woman how old she is she say's "29 and not a year older!" no matter what the actual age is! Well I reached that magical number! Fortunately for me, I guess, not too many people believe me when I first tell them, so I think over the next 10 years I can keep saying 29 and nobody will even question me! Then again, I think the disbelief I get is more about how I act, rather than look, but either way 29 I am on this current day!
This year we celebrated by going to see This is It! EXCELLENT!! We also enjoyed a nice morning at Hogle Zoo, we are members after all! It was a perfect morning. Temps cool enough for the animals to be active, and it wasn't crowded at all. I really had a great birthday! Thank you Mikey!
It's a must to have a picture on the elephant trunk!

Just my kind of cat....behind a fence!

Baby Elephant Zuri is so cute!! We were so excited to see her!

Of course I thought it was appropriate to do a "Y" in front of the Cougars for BYU....look closely, I'm not sure this little guy agreed...a picture later he was pretty much in "pounce" position! Pretty funny actually!

Miss us?

For those that have missed us, get ready....here is your chance to catch up on us! Since our last post, we celebrated Halloween, I turned 29, we gobbled some turkey and put up the Christmas tree. I will start with Halloween!
It's simple really...Mike was a banana and I was a fat chef! We partied at the ward trunk or treat then watched Wait Until Dark (I think that's the name, with Audrey Hepburn). It was a good one for us, thanks to Venita's mom for suggesting it!
Venita made a perfect Dorothy and Jeph was a great scarecrow! And we love "Toto"!!

More to follow!