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Monday, May 24, 2010

Not so lazy.....

I'm hoping that by posting a few posts today that I will not be so lazy from now on. Of course things will get more and more exciting as we get closer to meeting our new little addition and of course pictures galore to come once he arrives! So thanks for letting me be the lazy, sick, pregnant girl for a while. Hopefully I'm back now!

Who do you love?

...We love "Everybody Loves Raymond". We really do! It has turned into a part of our nightly routine and you wouldn't believe how happy we were when we found it plays on TV Land too!! There have been nights when I have been falling asleep and I will hear Mike start to giggle, yes giggle, and I know what show is on!

Do you and your love have a favorite classic?!

What I've learned Part 2

I'm well into my 2nd trimester now so I thought I'd better document more of what I've learned along this journey.

First the "bad"

1. The 2nd trimester isn't much different from the first (at least for me) ...until just recently.
2. There are mornings I literally need help getting out of bed in fear that I will rip something.
3. Brain? What brain? I've been known around the office to have pregnancy brain. So if I forgot to wish you a happy birthday, reply to your e-mail...etc...blame pregnancy brain. Thanks.
4. You smell. Really you do, maybe shower twice if you plan on seeing me.
5. I got big....I got big fast. Ouch.
6. Forget about twisting.
7. While shaving one leg, the other will darn near fall asleep, if I'm not fast one of these days I may fall over in the shower.

Now for the GOOD!!

1. "He's gonna be a soccer player, he is!" Not only did we find out there's a little boy inside me, I can feel him kicking around! Soccer practice in the works!
2. My skin might actually look better than it did before I was pregnant (knock on wood)
3. No stretch marks....yet...surprisingly to me with how fast my belly grew.
4. Aaaaw FOOD is back in my life. Not ALL foods (still a bit iffy with beef) but for the most part I'm able to eat just about anything now. (I think.)
5. "You, are like, the cutest prego girl I have ever seen!" Really I get told this, do I know they are lying? Of course I do. Do I care that they are lying to me? HECK NO! Tell me more, tell me more! I'm eating it up the best I can! ...and Thank you!
6. "Oh let me get that for you." A phrase I am getting used to, and enjoying. Though one coworker informed another, "she's pregnant not Dead!" Made me chuckle.
7. Look Ma, I got boobs. Seriously. (yes this is on the Good end of things, for me)
8. My husband is ridiculously attracted to my pregnant body. Refer to #7 as I'm sure that plays a part. (He will tell you, it's the whole package though...isn't he nice?)
9. Maternity garments....ARE THE BEST!! I may have to wear them post pregnancy they are so comfy!
10. Mother's Day came and I got flowers and cards! I get to start enjoying more holidays!

As you can tell the good is outweighing the bad. I still complain about some pains here and there, but all in all I'm actually starting to feel a bit better and just waddle from time to time...refer to #5 on BAD list. Each week I get more and more excited about meeting out little Jeremy Michael, whom we refer to as Jer Bug. We love him.

Next month....maternity pictures!! I was thinking Demi Moore style.

Just kidding!

My husband the GEEK!

I couldn't be more proud to have a geek for a husband. Today he passed his CCNA test!
In short this means he is now a bigger geek then he was 24 hours ago and he's certified to prove it! I'll let him explain what all it really means if he ever gets the time. I can tell you that CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and trust me it's a big deal and I am SO proud of him for all his hard work in studying. He is so driven right now to get all of his certifications and have a "real world job!" Join with me in CONGRATULATIONS TO MIKEY!!!!!!!