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Friday, December 26, 2008

My little brother Jeph...

Yes, he spells his name with a "ph". Anyway, he and his best friend Trevor left me a voice mail today that I will, without their permission of course, share with the world. Enjoy.

Wrapping it up!

I figured the best way to show all of the fun we had this Christmas season
was to just create a slide show!
At the Simmons' family white elephant exchange we played with new rules!
If you wanted to take a gift you had to challenge that person.
I wanted the Gold Fish so I challenged Mike B. to hop on one leg without switching
legs, whoever lasted the longest, won!
He fell, I won!
Mike and Andy had a leg wrestle, didn't last long, Andy has soccer thighs!
They also had to whistle like old men. I thought I married younger, apparently not the case!

We were happy to see the Santa paid a visit to everyone! Thank you Santa, and thank you everyone for a memorable Christmas!
We love you! Bring on 2009 :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!!

So Elder's Quorum got out a few minutes early today so I went and sat in Primary and waited for Kimmy. The closing prayer in primary was given by a very special autistic boy. In his prayer he asked Heavenly Father to "please bless us all that we will give, and that we will love, and that we we all be kind to each other because... well, because it's Christmas! And that's what this time of year is about." Anyone who knows this young boy knows that he meant every word of that prayer from his heart. It was a good reminder. Thank you Tage.

The following is a clip of audio from Glenn Beck's radio program. It is the story of the birth of our Savior from the perspective of Mary and Joseph. I hope you all listen and enjoy.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 2008 catch up!

Mike is a huge Glenn Beck fan so of course when his new book The Christmas Sweater hit stores and tickets went on sale for the show we had our book and tickets! We traveled up to Layton Hills Mall with Jeff and Venita for the book signing and later to the show, after scoring a few extra tickets we helped a few people see the show as well :)

We also got our tree that same day, though it took us all week to finally finish decorating it! We are happy with our first ever Christmas tree! It might be a little sparse with decor but we don't care...we love our tree!
This weekend we attended 2 Christmas parties at my parents home. The Marchant side Saturday night and the Limb side tonight.

Next week we start with the Simmons' family parties!

Hope everyone is having a joyous time of year :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Advent Blog

Thanks to Mike's mom Lynn for sending us a new blog link! Each day there are new stories to share during this wonderful Christmas season. I've added them to my blog list, they are A Shadow Canyon Christmas. I thought it was really neat and wanted to share it with all of you! So go check them out!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Visitors Welcome..we want to hear from you!

Since we added the little tracker to our blog we have learned that people all over view our blog! This make us very curious about these people! We would like to know who you are and we'd like to view your blogs as well! So please visitors from all over the world, leave us a comment, let us get to know our viewers :) Obviously we know of a few of you, and we have you on our list, but for those of you we don't, eh Canada? Cali? Grenada? Just to name a few....please introduce us to you!
We hope you are entertained by our randomness!

**I still have hope! After hearing from Kuwait I feel there's still a chance of hearing from our "visitors" from outside of Utah!
Ahem Winnipeg, Granada, United States!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Popcorn or snowflakes?!

Last night while preparing for primary I came across about 4 new versions of "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" This one I found to be perfect for this time of year! The best part was I not only stumped the kids but also the teachers...thus meaning I performed my first official solo in primary in order for them to learn the new song! I found it so great I wanted to share it with you to share with the little munchkins in your life :)


*If you didn't catch on, sing it to the tune of Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Outlets Shmoutlets

Due to the outside outlets not working in our favor
we were unable to hang out lights today.
We will have to post pictures of them later...if the outlets decide they
want to celebrate Christmas, until then, they are on the naughty list.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lighten Up

Saturday is the day, the day the lights go up!
I can hardly wait!

I know, I know, gag me with a spoon but I can't help
but be excited for all the FIRSTS I get to share
with Mike as my husband this year!

Santa visits newlyweds ...right?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Up!

Wishing you all a wonderful day of Thanks!
Mikey and I are thankful for all of our blogging friends and family!

Gobble Up...it's Turkey time!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I did it!

After nearly 2 months of sitting in with primary, observing the chorister, I had my first run at it!
Last week I was sustained but I was home sick in bed, so today I did it, I survived my first week as the primary chorister!! Thanks to my mother in law who made an adorable apron with many pockets for the kids to choose from. I think the kinds enjoyed it! They were eager to be called on :)
1 week down....countless weeks to follow!
What a ride this is going to be!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fresh Scents and Elbow Grease

Now that I'm finally starting to feel a bit better from the yucky cold
it's time to clean house. Mikey has been taking good care of me
and today he had to work, so I shall put on my gloves, roll up my sleeves
and use a little elbow grease!
While I have the energy I need to show my house a little TLC!

Bring on the fresh scents of laundry, mopped floors and clean toilets!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So done

I am so over it....so done with being sick with this stupid cold.
My nose wants its life back, just breathing in fresh fall air, that's all it wants...
is that too much to ask for?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I had a birthday shout HOORAY!

A week ago today I woke up a different age, a husband by my side and gifts scattered on the bed!
Mike likes to spoil but knew that this year we now have a budget, but he still a few tricks up his sleeves! I now have new scriptures with my new name on them, neat ear muffs for my ears when we go walking at night! A few other fun gifts and of course the addiction...NINTENDO!! Check out www.half.com this season for great AFFORDABLE finds...you won't regret it!! Anyway...Mikey also took me to breakfast, had a cake for me with balloons and a card in the afternoon! I even got a gift about a week in advance...a fancy new G1 phone...love it!! It was a nice relaxing day....just what I wanted! Thanks again Mikey for another wonderful memorable day, I love you!

There's good reason...

Align CenterSooo it's possible that I've actually had the time to blog, buuut...
My hubby got me something for my birthday that seems to have
become a slight addiction in our home, I had to ground myself
from it the other night....I'm starting to have withdrawals
so I think today I'm un-grounded!

Yes that's right...we are addicted the old school

NINTENDO!!! Do do do dodo do...do!

A picture show!

After some time off of work and catching a cold,
I'm finally relaxing long enough to update!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Playing dress up

Ok for you little perverted FAMILY members of ours who
thought the last post "headline" was a bit..."questionable"...try this on for size!

Sometimes...Mike and I like to play dress up and get into character!

Ok really this was taken at our Halloween Trunk or Treat/ward party!
We wanted to try for Pebbles and Bam Bam but instead we got this!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A quickie

I have a lot of catching up to do with the blog, which I will get around to, I promise! But for now here are a couple of things Mike and I did in October!

A few Sunday's back we went for a drive up to Brighton, and took a stroll around Silver Lake with Jeff and Venita. It was a perfect way to work up an appetite for family dinner!
This past monday Jeff and Venita joined us for FHE, carving pumpkins! We had a great time, thanks JV!

We didn't just spend the whole month with Jeff and Venita though! We went to a REAL Soccer game with Tara and Adam (Tara is a work friend of Mike's who we are starting to hang out with more! She met her sweetie the day after we got married!) Tara and Adam also joined us, ALONG with Jeff Venita, Marianna and Trevor for a fun Halloween dinner (props to Mikey for an awesome spread on the table...seriously, just wait for the pictures!)

I had a girls night with my my mom and a few cousins and enjoyed an evening of Chili's and Witches Night Out at Garnder Village (we left before the grand prize drawing...too bad, my mom's name was apparently the first they called out!! ha-ha)

Mikey's Saturn got broken into, he fixed it for under $45 himself and we are now selling it! Any takers?!?! Don't worry he already has a new ride, his 1999 Subaru Outback. Totally fits him! He's loving it, which makes me happy and all is well!

I will get more pictures up, but enoy these for now!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween is scary this year!

You know those punk teenagers that come to your door on Halloween dressed in their everyday clothes and want candy? You know that feeling of "hey, you don't deserve that!" when you give them some candy? Would you grab some candy from the cute ghost or Superman next to this punk and give him their candy? Then why would you vote for a president who wants to give the 40% of Americans who don't pay income taxes a $1,000 tax "credit"? That is scary, my friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

June in October



Saturday, October 11, 2008

I eight you!

I've been tagged! Bring on the list of 8's!

8 favorite TV Shows.....
1 Desperate Housewives
2 The Office
3 House
4 Family Guy
5 Saved by the Bell (what?!)
6 The NEW 90210 (seriously!)
7 How it's Made
8 Glenn Beck

8 Favorite places to eat.....
1 Macaroni Grill
2 Chili's
3 Applebee's
4 Burger King (breakfast!)
5 Bombay House
6 Red Tea House
7 Olive Garden
8 Wendys

8 Things that happen this week
1 Had dinner with some Simmons fam
2 Vacuumed my parents basement for Jill
3 Mike took a test
4 Mike emptied the dish washer
5 Walked 1 mile (for Mikes class!)
6 Wore my black boots!
7 Rented a movie
8 Mikes car got broken into while we were renting a movie (5-8 all happened Friday)

8 Favorite Movies
1 Legally Blond (K)
2 Dan in Real Life (MK)
3 Eternal Sunshine (M)
4 Just Married (K)
5 Batman Dark Knight (MK)
6 Little Miss Sunshine (MK)
7 Elf (K)
8 Stranger then Fiction (M)

8 things to look forward too
1 Decorating the house for the holidays!
2 My boutique next week!
3 My birthday
4 Halloween
6 Caramel Apples
7 Dinner with my family tomorrow
8 Hanging with some friends tonight! (Go Cougs!)

8 thing to love about Fall
1 Colder weather
2 Halloween
3 The leafs changing
4 My birthday!
5 Carving Pumpkins
6 The smells
7 Better sleep
8 Decorating the house for the holidays!

8 things on my Wish List
1 A new window for Mike
2 A flat stomach
3 A puppy
4 Saving enough so Mike won't have to work full time thru college.
5 New fall clothes...birthday and Christmas hint!
6 A new CAR for Mike...duh not just a window!
7 A smaller badunkadunk
8 One day a little chunky monkey! (no that is NOT an announcement, just a wish list!)

8 peeps to tag....just whoever!

A moment of joy!

So this could come across a bit...well oober gooberish but I'm going to share anyway!
The past couple of days I've been thinking about our wedding day. For all who were there
know what perfect weather we had, how much we laughed and just what a blast we had!
It was honestly the best day. Anyway, the reason I'm sharing this is to explain our main picture for now...though it appears to be a bit out of focus and my eyes may be shut the expressions on our faces are priceless! We couldn't have been happier leaving Heritage Gardens to go start our new life together, and we had just had the funnest time with our families and friends, especially dancing with the nieces and nephews! We will NEVER forget those moments :)
In time there will be another picture and it will show our goofiness and where we are in life...but for now...a picture showing a few of you who shared in making our day the
best day is just the way to go!!

Happy weekend....bundle up, it's chilly out there!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference...up close!

We are enjoying our conference weekend!
The messages have been great, haven't they?!
Well Mike and I haven't posted about our TV aka movie screen yet
and thought today would be a good time!
About 2 weeks after we were married we had our projector and we made
a trip to Home Depot for supplies!
After a few hours of labor, we now get to watch General Conference on

It's cheaper than a big screen tv, and WE made it
with our own two...err four hands!!
Just wait until the Jazz season really starts up...we hope to have many guests enjoying
our "big screen" with us!
Happy Conference weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


How do Jill and I know that we are sisters!?
We each had huge cysts in the past few months!
My cyst caught me off guard and it grew over the past month upon
my ovary and one morning it burst. Not what I would call FUN by any means.
After getting an ultrasound we discovered I had had a 6 1/2 inch cyst burst. Yikes.
Well Jill on the other hand, she's had hers growing for a while. They discovered it while she was
pregnant with Reece. The doctors were watching it closely and yesterday Jill went under the
knife. This was going to be an out patient surgery until they realized the cyst was bigger and
it was wrapping around tubes...yuck. So long story short, they made an incision lower and removed a GRAPEFRUIT sized cyst. She is at the hospital recovering nicely but will be in pain for a bit.
And that my friends is how I know Jill and I are Cyst-ers!

Love you Jill, Get better!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chop chop chop-a-roo

After MONTHS of trying to decide if I really wanted to cut my hair, yet again, I took the plunge!
I nearly cut it before the wedding, I thought it would be fun to have long hair for my bridals then short hair for the wedding, but fear got the best of me and I chickened out! Oh well.
So last night after work I went to Melinda's and she did the honors!
I love it, Mike loves it!
Thanks Melinda for helping me feel like me again!!
I'll get more pics up later (per request of Marianna!!)
But you get the idea!
Now we can all sleep tonight!

Before After

Hello Whitley's

This week we are spotlighting
Jake, Becky and Chase Whitley!
Becky and I have been friends since high school.
We were on the JV Cheer squad together at WJHS but actually
became better friends after we both had graduated!
We used to go country dancing Tuesday and Thursday nights at...
Becky and Jake just built their first hom
e for their cute little family!
Chase is their little boy, and what a cutie he is!
Styrofoam makes that kid laugh PRETTY hard! You should take a look on their blog!
You can't help but laugh right along with him!

Love you guys!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Are you excited?!
I am..enjoy :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Spot light!

I thought today would be a good day for a spotlight!
I counted my bloggin' peeps, shouted to Mike to pick a number between 1 and 45,
and he shouted back 21.....and that brings us to...

Cheryl n Kids (and Uncle Bruce!)
Cheryl Harper is my cousin on my mom's side! She is the 2nd daughter
to Bruce and Jerry Curtis.
(Jerry is my aunt who fought a courageous battle with cancer and passed away this past spring.)
Cheryl and her 2 children, Curtis and Kirsten live with Bruce.
Cheryl is a proud mom and has every right to be so! She has a 14 year old boy who is learning new things each day. I've noticed lately he enjoys doing some tumbling at gymnastics! If you ask anyone, Curtis might have the strongest hand grip known to man! The trials they have had together have made Cheryl a very strong woman!
Her daughter Kirsten, 11, has become quite the dancer! If I'm correct she dances 4 nights a week and loves it! Cheryl is not a stage mom pushing and pushing a daughter who doesn't want to carry on, Kirsten has her own drive and is very talented!

We love you! We are proud to call you family!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The next Bob Ross

For a while now I have REALLY wanted to try canvas painting!
Nearly a year ago Mike, Jeff, Venita and I fell asleep on the couches on Sunday afternoon
to a Bob Ross video....what a soothing voice he has!! ha-ha
Anyway...a few weeks ago I bought some canvas boards and today the paint!
Mike downloaded a Bob Ross show for me to learn from and I did it! I painted with Bob!!
Here is what we painted today!
PLEASE remember this is my first attempt ever at painting an actual picture aside from paint by numbers and those cool water color paint books where you just run a wet brush over the already colored lines!!
Mike stepped out to run a few errands and when he came back I had completed this! He was actually pretty impressed.....for my first attempt, so of course, what else is left to do?
Blog about it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekly Spotlights!

So today I had this lovely thought, not exactly sure why but it popped in my mind
and I thought it might be kind of fun! Here is what I'd like to do...
Each week, perhaps any given day, but at least once a week until I go thru the whole list, is spot light our friends and family, who blog of course! You will all learn how Mike and I know each of our blogging buddies, what memories we have with them and what we enjoy about them! For those who are "advertising" a business on your blog, that will be part of the spotlight, in hopes to help you out with future business! I'm giving this notice so that if there are any of you that do NOT want attention brought to your blog then speak now or forever hold your peace! I know 1 or 2 that will want the privacy and I will respect that!
Anyway....I will randomly draw a name and begin the spot light..hmm...maybe this weekend!
Will it be YOU?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome to the Gorge

Great friends, great band, great memories!
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Our little get away!

I'm finally able to take the time to post about our Seattle get away! I had a hard time deciding
what pictures to use, we took so many great ones. Seattle is GORGEOUS! It was my first
time so Mike was our tour guide. Our first day we went to the Aquarium and ate lunch out
on the pier. We also did a little shopping...of course! Our second day we went to the top of
the Space Needle! Whew, what a view! Our 3rd day we went to Snoqualmie Falls. Another
beautiful site. We hiked down to the bottom, hopped the fence and got as close as we could :)
It was easy to hike down as it was all down hill of course, going up...well let's just say our legs
were a bit sore!! Our visit to Snoqualmie was on our way to The Gorge! There we saw The
Dave Matthews Band! He plays there every year over Labor Day weekend, for 3 nights.
We saw the last one! So awesome! We had a great time. Nothing like getting hailed on
right before a Dave concert and have drunk people roll down hills...very memorable! LOL
I'll post those pictures on the next one....so see ya up top!!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless America

It seems like this day gets harder for me every year. I felt like blahging about it. I am posting some audio I pulled from the Glenn Beck Program today as a little tribute to our brothers and sisters that died 7 years ago. It's a tough listen. But I hope we never forget.
May God bless America

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So much to say so little time!

Yes we are home! Safe and sound for a good 11 days now!
We just have busy, exhausting days!
Stay tuned, updates will be posted in the new few days,
you can count on it!

Quickie! Seattle was a blast, The Gorge was beautiful, Awesome memories!
Work is busy busy busy, oh did I mention it was busy? Seriously there was basically a calm before a major storm and wow are we flooded!
Mike is studying hard for his classes like a rock star and being an ongoing great, wonderful, supportive husband!

Don't go too far...we're not too far behind!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Greetings from Seattle!

Thursday night Mikey and Kim flew to Seattle!
We are staying in Bellevue, where all the
hoty-toyty's live! haha
It's my first time here so Mike has played tour guide!
It's gorgeous here.
Anyway....just wanted to say hello from Seattle!
We'll be back Monday!
Us on top of the Space Needle!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Love You Mimi!

just wanted to tell you that...