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Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference...up close!

We are enjoying our conference weekend!
The messages have been great, haven't they?!
Well Mike and I haven't posted about our TV aka movie screen yet
and thought today would be a good time!
About 2 weeks after we were married we had our projector and we made
a trip to Home Depot for supplies!
After a few hours of labor, we now get to watch General Conference on

It's cheaper than a big screen tv, and WE made it
with our own two...err four hands!!
Just wait until the Jazz season really starts up...we hope to have many guests enjoying
our "big screen" with us!
Happy Conference weekend!


Fam in Real Life said...


Cheryl -N- Kids said...

Wow! looks like alot of fun. Enjoy the projects that you do together, they are the best.

Marnie said...

Conference was great, but I bet it was even better watching it like that!

Seth and Sarah said...

Sweeet! Seth would be so jealous! The general authorities were almost life-sized!