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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello Whitley's

This week we are spotlighting
Jake, Becky and Chase Whitley!
Becky and I have been friends since high school.
We were on the JV Cheer squad together at WJHS but actually
became better friends after we both had graduated!
We used to go country dancing Tuesday and Thursday nights at...
Becky and Jake just built their first hom
e for their cute little family!
Chase is their little boy, and what a cutie he is!
Styrofoam makes that kid laugh PRETTY hard! You should take a look on their blog!
You can't help but laugh right along with him!

Love you guys!


Marnie said...

Ahh, the bay. Gotta love it.

Jake-Becky-Chase said...

The good old days country dancing! Thanks for the spotlight! We need to get together soon.