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Thursday, October 2, 2008


How do Jill and I know that we are sisters!?
We each had huge cysts in the past few months!
My cyst caught me off guard and it grew over the past month upon
my ovary and one morning it burst. Not what I would call FUN by any means.
After getting an ultrasound we discovered I had had a 6 1/2 inch cyst burst. Yikes.
Well Jill on the other hand, she's had hers growing for a while. They discovered it while she was
pregnant with Reece. The doctors were watching it closely and yesterday Jill went under the
knife. This was going to be an out patient surgery until they realized the cyst was bigger and
it was wrapping around tubes...yuck. So long story short, they made an incision lower and removed a GRAPEFRUIT sized cyst. She is at the hospital recovering nicely but will be in pain for a bit.
And that my friends is how I know Jill and I are Cyst-ers!

Love you Jill, Get better!


Mike and Jenny said...

Poor Jill and after I tell her that this surgery isn't too bad :)

Cordell and McCall said...

wow! I am so sorry! No fun! Love you both and hope you both feel lots better!

Jill said...

couldn't you have found a better picture of me?!!

Mike said...

Kim, i think what Jill meant was "Thank you sis! Love you too!"

Peggy said...

Yikes! Get better soon, Jill! Love you!

Seth and Sarah said...

Yikes is right! I'll stick to cysts on my hands vs. my insides, thank you very much! I wish you both the best!

Jene and Megan said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you are both doing better!! I guess one upside for Jill is that her grapefruit sized cyst probably weighed a bit so she got some instant weight-loss. haha, I'm pathetic but hey it's a positive thing even if it's shallow!

Shelleymarie said...

Koudos to you for the catchy title "cyst-ers" hee hee!

So now that Jill has had her "grapefruit" removed I'm pretty sure she's down to about 95 lbs!

Glad you're both doing well!