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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I eight you!

I've been tagged! Bring on the list of 8's!

8 favorite TV Shows.....
1 Desperate Housewives
2 The Office
3 House
4 Family Guy
5 Saved by the Bell (what?!)
6 The NEW 90210 (seriously!)
7 How it's Made
8 Glenn Beck

8 Favorite places to eat.....
1 Macaroni Grill
2 Chili's
3 Applebee's
4 Burger King (breakfast!)
5 Bombay House
6 Red Tea House
7 Olive Garden
8 Wendys

8 Things that happen this week
1 Had dinner with some Simmons fam
2 Vacuumed my parents basement for Jill
3 Mike took a test
4 Mike emptied the dish washer
5 Walked 1 mile (for Mikes class!)
6 Wore my black boots!
7 Rented a movie
8 Mikes car got broken into while we were renting a movie (5-8 all happened Friday)

8 Favorite Movies
1 Legally Blond (K)
2 Dan in Real Life (MK)
3 Eternal Sunshine (M)
4 Just Married (K)
5 Batman Dark Knight (MK)
6 Little Miss Sunshine (MK)
7 Elf (K)
8 Stranger then Fiction (M)

8 things to look forward too
1 Decorating the house for the holidays!
2 My boutique next week!
3 My birthday
4 Halloween
6 Caramel Apples
7 Dinner with my family tomorrow
8 Hanging with some friends tonight! (Go Cougs!)

8 thing to love about Fall
1 Colder weather
2 Halloween
3 The leafs changing
4 My birthday!
5 Carving Pumpkins
6 The smells
7 Better sleep
8 Decorating the house for the holidays!

8 things on my Wish List
1 A new window for Mike
2 A flat stomach
3 A puppy
4 Saving enough so Mike won't have to work full time thru college.
5 New fall clothes...birthday and Christmas hint!
6 A new CAR for Mike...duh not just a window!
7 A smaller badunkadunk
8 One day a little chunky monkey! (no that is NOT an announcement, just a wish list!)

8 peeps to tag....just whoever!


Jill said...

Okay, I was feeding Resse at that time!! So cute! Sorry I missed it but you know....my chunky monkey called!

Mike and Jenny said...

I always love to read these about people. You always learn something new :)

melissa e. said...

Item number 1_you have a flat stomach. Pop a couple of kids out, and then you can complain about a flat stomach.

Item number 2_a puppy is as much work as a baby.

Item number 3_embrace that booty! (don't really know what you are talking about here, but, I'll humor you).

Bryan and Dayna said...

Kim... I found you from jill's blog! I hope that's okay!! Your blog is so cute!! Have a great day :)

Betty said...

Congrats on the new car! Sorry we stole all the luck in the Saturn department (knock on wood). Sounds like we missed out last night, but save the Christmas gingerbread houses for when we get there!