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Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless America

It seems like this day gets harder for me every year. I felt like blahging about it. I am posting some audio I pulled from the Glenn Beck Program today as a little tribute to our brothers and sisters that died 7 years ago. It's a tough listen. But I hope we never forget.
May God bless America

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Cordell and McCall said...

Holy Crap! I was really really distracted this year, we had a TON going on! That was amazing to listen too! I Love Glenn Beck! Cordell and I were on our honeymoon and actually got trapped in HI for 4 days because for security! Sep 11th is always really memorable for us being so close to our anniversary! There are so many good reminders of that day on you tube too! There is a 911 call from the top of the tower and he is on the line talking when it falls and he is on the top story and the call cuts off as he is screaming. It is TERRIBLE! I am just bawling and bawling right now! I love this country and I think so many people forget about what makes this country great! It was nice to see people remember right after sep 11th and the patriotism that rose from it! It is sad that it takes something like this to make alot of Americans really take a look at AMERICA! Thanks for posting! Love you!