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Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekly Spotlights!

So today I had this lovely thought, not exactly sure why but it popped in my mind
and I thought it might be kind of fun! Here is what I'd like to do...
Each week, perhaps any given day, but at least once a week until I go thru the whole list, is spot light our friends and family, who blog of course! You will all learn how Mike and I know each of our blogging buddies, what memories we have with them and what we enjoy about them! For those who are "advertising" a business on your blog, that will be part of the spotlight, in hopes to help you out with future business! I'm giving this notice so that if there are any of you that do NOT want attention brought to your blog then speak now or forever hold your peace! I know 1 or 2 that will want the privacy and I will respect that!
Anyway....I will randomly draw a name and begin the spot light..hmm...maybe this weekend!
Will it be YOU?


Venita said...

*Fingers crossed* Please, please please be us!!

Cordell and McCall said...

ok that is an awesome idea! Sounds fun! And YES I went off of the Jessica Simpson pic you sent! I had seen it before and had really liked it! Thanks for the GREAT suggesstion! I really like it!

mikejfrancis said...

The only hing better than blogging about myself, is someone else blogging about me. I'll paypal you five dollars to spotlight Lady Ellis and I.