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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Visitors Welcome..we want to hear from you!

Since we added the little tracker to our blog we have learned that people all over view our blog! This make us very curious about these people! We would like to know who you are and we'd like to view your blogs as well! So please visitors from all over the world, leave us a comment, let us get to know our viewers :) Obviously we know of a few of you, and we have you on our list, but for those of you we don't, eh Canada? Cali? Grenada? Just to name a few....please introduce us to you!
We hope you are entertained by our randomness!

**I still have hope! After hearing from Kuwait I feel there's still a chance of hearing from our "visitors" from outside of Utah!
Ahem Winnipeg, Granada, United States!!


melissa e. said...

See why I am so back and forth on going private?!

And how do these people have to much time to waste anyway! I can barely keep up with my blog & my "bloggers" list of people I do know!

Venita said...

Hey Mike and Kim, just wanted to let you know, Jeph and I check out your blog at least 10 times a day! Hope you don't mind, we just love seeing what's goin' on with you two!

Joy Risa said...

Hi! My Name is Joy Schirle. I'm not sure who's blog I found first... but I found it so amazing that a bunch of friends and family all had blogs that linked one to another (most are christians!). I started clicking from one to another... I like hearing about peoples daily lives. And so my fiance and I started our own. I hope to one day start the trend and get all of OUR friends to make blogs so I can stay in touch with them. Right now I'm in the US Navy in Kuwait, but in a week I'll be back in the states (Virginia) and be planning my wedding for June. That's a lot of info haha. sorry bout that.

Angie said...

You'll find I spend a lot more time blogging and blog hopping than I do on facebook so...I'll be stalking you. :-)

Kara said...

I stalked you when I lived across the street from you and I'm still stalking you now! Haha! I still look at your blog Kimmys!

rdtrust2212 said...

I am your mom's best friend. We grew up in Beaver. I met you at your Aunt's viewing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Tell your mom hi. Deb Graff Truscott