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Monday, December 14, 2009

Miss us?

For those that have missed us, get ready....here is your chance to catch up on us! Since our last post, we celebrated Halloween, I turned 29, we gobbled some turkey and put up the Christmas tree. I will start with Halloween!
It's simple really...Mike was a banana and I was a fat chef! We partied at the ward trunk or treat then watched Wait Until Dark (I think that's the name, with Audrey Hepburn). It was a good one for us, thanks to Venita's mom for suggesting it!
Venita made a perfect Dorothy and Jeph was a great scarecrow! And we love "Toto"!!

More to follow!

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Seth and Sarah said...

Yeah!!! Welcome back to the blogging world! I have missed you! What a fun few months you've had. Super job turning 29 and livin' it up!