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Monday, December 14, 2009

29 Forever...right?

For some reason when you ask a woman how old she is she say's "29 and not a year older!" no matter what the actual age is! Well I reached that magical number! Fortunately for me, I guess, not too many people believe me when I first tell them, so I think over the next 10 years I can keep saying 29 and nobody will even question me! Then again, I think the disbelief I get is more about how I act, rather than look, but either way 29 I am on this current day!
This year we celebrated by going to see This is It! EXCELLENT!! We also enjoyed a nice morning at Hogle Zoo, we are members after all! It was a perfect morning. Temps cool enough for the animals to be active, and it wasn't crowded at all. I really had a great birthday! Thank you Mikey!
It's a must to have a picture on the elephant trunk!

Just my kind of cat....behind a fence!

Baby Elephant Zuri is so cute!! We were so excited to see her!

Of course I thought it was appropriate to do a "Y" in front of the Cougars for BYU....look closely, I'm not sure this little guy agreed...a picture later he was pretty much in "pounce" position! Pretty funny actually!

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