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Welcome. We are Mike and Kim Simmons. We have 2 adorable children that rule our home, and we're ok with that.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Families are just Fabulous!

Last Friday was International day of Families! Not a holiday for one individual but a holiday in celebration of your family as a whole. I had never seen this holiday before this year as I was checking my work calendar a couple of weeks ago, and it put a smile on my face! I am SO thankful for the family I have come from and for the family I have joined. My parents raised me well, regardless of how quirky and strange I turned out, and Mike's mom raised him well, and Mike B. has contributed to that joy over the past 10 years or so! We both have amazing siblings who we also think of as friends. They let us live in their home, have FHE with them, wrestle with the kids, play fun games, shoot hoops, show off tricks on the trampoline, have BBQ's, Jazz game get togethers, road trip visits and much much more. Nearly 10 months ago Mike and I were married and what an overwhelming, amazing feeling it was to be able to share that day with our families. I remember when my sister Jill got married I cried because I wasn't endowed at the time therefore I was the only family member unable to witness her sealing. My mom reminded me that when my day came my whole family would be there, and what a blessing that was. We have such great examples surrounding us and we thank our Father in Heaven each night for that. We love you and though it's a week late...Happy International Day of Families! We couldn't ask for a better group of people to call Family.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mason Andrew Simmons

Yesterday family and friends gathered for this sweet baby boys blessing!

We love you Mason!

Below are a few other pictures from the day!

The newest little Simmons Stud!

Grandma Patrice and Grandma Lynn w/ Mason

Sweet Maddie

Maddie Andy Mason Beth