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Welcome. We are Mike and Kim Simmons. We have 2 adorable children that rule our home, and we're ok with that.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our little family is growing....Up!

Let's pretend it's Friday and call this flash back Friday, or I guess we could call it Slippin' back Saturday? We'll see! Anyway, we got family pictures done with the Simmons clan in July, we also got family pictures taken with just our little family last September when Jer turned 1 (oh yea he's almost 2 now so I will need to do a flash back birthday post...noted.)
Moving on, because we have 3 family pictures roughly 2 years apart I thought it would be fun to post them so we can all see how our little family, err...Jer, is growing up! It really does blow my mind. It's like he's 5 now. But not really. He doesn't know about Santa yet. 

Here is a picture from the day we blessed him! 
(look how young Mikey looks...so crazy! He's growing up too! I was just post pregnancy "swollen"!)

Then we have last year when Jer turned one, he wasn't even walking!
(He didn't walk until he was almost 16 months)

{Oh my dear heavens I love my boys!!}

And now we have this little monkey that RUNS everywhere and let's be real, he runs the show. 

Seriously, could he look any sweeter?

  His face kills me ^ such a nut...

I really married into a great family!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Flash Back Friday

Flash back Friday is going to be fun for me, especially posts like this one about Jer. Seeing how much he has grown over this last year is so exciting, yet also kind of sad at the same time! While serving as the Laurel Adviser in the YW we took the girls on a hike up to Cecret Lake. Jer did awesome, he just hung around on my back!
                                               Look at Jer's little smile with only about 4-6 teeth!
                                                     {let's ignore how completely unattractive I was last summer}


                                                    Jer with no hair! (or at least not much!)

Not a great shot of the lake itself but there we were!

                       If you look close enough you can see the start of Jer's little curls just above his ears!

For more info on Cecret Lake, go here.