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Monday, February 16, 2009

February Catch Up!

The beginning of February was started with a wonderful weekend in St. George! Aaaah it was the little slice of heaven Mike and I both needed, especially for the events that were about to take place, out of our control....for the most part!

My niece Tessa and Pierce both had birthdays while we were in St. George, thus the reason we went. Tessa is now 1 going on about 8 months until she decides to beef up here long slender arms and legs. (That's right baby girl you eat that cuppie cake, you let it go straight to your thighs!)

Pierce is now 4 and he had an Indoor Beach Party for his birthday, what a treat that was! ALOOOOHA!!!
Along with about 6 other 3 and 4 old boys he play pin the sunglasses on the sun, decorated sun visors, and did the limbo, Mike and I were in charge of holding the limbo bar! Travis and Louise always do a swell job with theme parties!

We were also fortunate enough to go watch Q-Dogg in his basketball game. Good little baller that boy is, just look at him hustle! Gooo Q-Dogg! (I don't remember the score but we do know his team won!!)

Audrey was just a good big sister this weekend helping out with both birthdays and cheering on Quinn! Sadly...no picture of just Audrey this trip but we have one with her in it!

After church that Sunday Mike and I went on our own adventure. We had never hiked around the Red Rocks, so that we did! We had such a wonderful time!

The temps were perfect with blue skies and it was very hard to come back home to snow...we'll be sure to return there more and perhaps in a few years move there :)

Upon our return we were off to a great week, then BAM an accident in the kitchen! Mikey was just being ever so fun with me, tickling me while I had to go to potty, fun I know! I was wearing socks and lost my balance slipping my feet right out from under me slamming my head on the kitchen floor. A huge goose egg quickly appeared and Mikey was no longer laughing, no was It was quite painful and I had a messed up neck for a good week. Just as I'm starting to feel better from that I got hit with a horrible cold and missing 3 days of work. Missing work is only fun when you have fun plans and you feel good but when you are down with a cold and you can't even sleep, missing work and the funny people there, NOT so much fun. I'm still getting over my cold, in doing so I have passed it along to my dear hubby who has taken awesome care of me over the past couple of weeks! We both made breakfast for each other on Valentines morning and had a nice dinner with my family. We were both feeling pretty crappy thru the weekend and today we both had the day off. SO that is why it's been a few weeks since our last update. Here's wishing everyone a lovely rest of February and good health! We will do our best to update more often :)

Have a happy day!


The Ellis Family said...

Get better you two, and settle down!

Peggy said...

I've been wondering where you've been. It looks like you had a fun trip!

Cordell and McCall said...

hope you get feeling better!! SOunds like you had fun in st george though!! Hooray for road trips!

L and T said...

you seriously take good photos, thank you, I didn't get very good bday pics and that one of qdog is so rad
so glad to hear that you'll be moving here in a few years
we'd love to have a little fam around
hope the rest of Feb treats you right

Marnie said...

St. George sounds like fun, a bump on the head and a cold - not so much fun. Hope you getter better soon.

Jene and Megan said...

What a fun trip! Can you believe that I having lived in Utah until I was 20 and had relatives in southern Utah NEVER has hiked Red Rocks? I'm jealous!! You look super cute by the way!