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Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness

Mike and I have been unpacking, slowly but surely, and settling in with my wonderful in-laws! We still have plenty to sort thru and organizing to do but with time we'll have that all done. Sorry for not updating for a bit. Blogging takes precious time as you all know, it's gotta look just right! Anyhow...watch for upcoming posts from early March to future March events including; Disney on Ice, Laser Tag with Simmons family, Mike's birthday, Marchant and Simmons birthdays, Rock Band....and more! Soon enough we'll have pictures to post and stories to share, just keeping you in the loop! The first Sunday in our new ward went well. I went to RS for the first time in possibly 3 years! I've been in YW and primary ...oh I guess I did go to RS in my old ward a couple of times before primary...hmm anyway, I like being with the younger crowd, less intimidating :o)

A special thanks to Jill and Travis for being such great landlords, Jeph, Venita, Erica, Mark and my parents for helping load up all of our crap to move! Every little bit helped!

Hope you're all having a wonderful day, week and month....don't forget to watch for updates!


Cheryl -N- Kids said...

Looks like you are having a good time regardless of all the change. Relief Society is always intimadating. I am glad that i am in the young women

Meagan said...

Good luck with living with the parents. I've been there done that....wait I'm still doing that LOL

Manda said...

I'm having Mike and Kim withdrawals. We miss you. Can we be friends? Post soon!

Andy said...

Still waiting for those promised pics.