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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Labor Day Weekend in Montana

Andy and Beth live in Montana and we haven't been up to visit them before so Mikey and I hopped in an RV with Mike B. Lynn, Jeff and Venita and started our little adventure up North.
Saturday morning we headed to the Farmers Market where I was hoping to find some Huckleberry Jam, no such luck. Huckleberries? Yes, EVERYWHERE. Jam? Not even one jar.
I should have just bought a bag and made my own but didn't. MY loss!! We then made lunches and headed to the river...now THIS was a great time! Mikey was so excited to fish and float in the tube down the river and I was excited to just relax. We all took a turn in the tube, or raft. Some swam and jumped up the rocks into the river and some just made a lovely sand castle! I have to say the river was the highlight for me! Saturday night we went up the canyon for some hot dog roasting and s'mores making. Sunday church and naps and Monday we got back in the RV and head home! We had a great time and hope to make it up there next summer for some more river fun :) Thanks Andy and Beth for being such great hosts!

*Can you see the Bald Eagle?!
**If you know where in Utah I can find some Huckleberry Jam...please, do share this with me!


Beth said...

I love your pictures! You get the best shots, do you mind emailing me some? We are taking a break from Farmer's Market today, but I will look next week. My dad says the Jam was awesome, so I will buy some for everybody! Thanks for coming up, we had a great time. We wish we could've gone back with you guys!

Jene and Megan said...

How fun! I've never been up to Montana but I've heard it's beautiful! Cute pictures of you and the hubster. =)

Emily said...

Looks like a gorgeous trip. Another place I've always wanted to go.

melissa said...

Looks like fun! We missed you in "the Beav"

Tara said...

Dont know where you can get huckleberry jam, but if you go to the Farr factory right by the Ogden temple, the have huckleberry ice cream that is so yummy!