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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Lately my mind has wondered off down memory lane, mostly while trying to fall asleep. The memories I keep strolling back to are from childhood. Not sure if it's the pregnancy or what, but I thought I would share them...oddly enough the 2 that have stood out the most have to do with food. Imagine that.

Whenever my grandpa Marchant would come into town for visit he would go to the grocery store each morning around 6 or 7 and come back with white powdered donuts, Honey Smacks, Orange Juice and sometimes coffee for Grandma if we didn't have any. Of course he didn't have to buy everything every day...but the donuts were pretty much an every day thing!! I was ok with that!

Also while growing up my mom used to take me to Peter Piper Piza....it's the Pizza People Pick! From what I recall we would go there when I was off track from school and it was either when I went with her to dance or bowling! I just know it was on about 5400 South and 700 West. Peter Piper Pizza is not longer located in Utah. I loved getting my own little personal pan pizza! Funny that I would even think of this because pizza actually sounds awful to me, except for maybe Hawaiian pizza. Maybe.
I think a lot about how my mom would make family dinner every night. She's such a good cook! She cooked and baked from scratch a lot, from what I remember! There are so many meals that cross my mind that I want to be able to make for my kids. When dad found out he was diabetic the meals had to change a bit but mom has always been a wonderful cook and made every meal yummy for everyone! Oh man remember Jell-o!? (like it doesn't exist!) We had it with like every Sunday meal...in a separate dish with a plop of Dad's favorite Cool Whip on top! Though the "Marchant" cookies aren't the regular Sunday tradition anymore she still shares them with people in her new(er) neighborhood!

Ok I rambled more than I first intended....thanks for taking the stroll with me!

Ah heck who am I kidding!? ...2 more!
Grandma Monroe (Limb) always had Cookie Crisp and Quik chocolate milk mix! ALWAYS!

Ok I'm done!


Wildingkids said...

Don't forget the Honey Combs too!! you could always count on those two things for breakfast at grandma's!!

Emily said...

My Grandma always had Strawberry Quick, sounds disgusting now, but I loved it as a kid!

Steph Clarke said...

gotta love gpa marchant!!!! sure do miss them:)

melissa said...

I remember sitting with you through dance and then your mom would take us to get personal pizzas. That was the best.

I bought my kids some Cookie Crisp awhile back because i have such fond memories of it as a kid, but it just didn't seem as good!

melissa said...

Do you remember we used to sleep at your house, watch the little mermaid over and over and over, and then chow down on powdered donuts in the morn?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Peggy said...

Everytime I buy Cookie Crisp for the kids I think of Grandma. And how when we left her house we always took a baggy of it with us to eat in the car.

June said...

My Kim, Thanks for the compliment on my cooking. You can bet we're going to have Jello, in individual bowls, for Sunday dinner this weekend. We'll roll back the memories and laugh ourselves silly.


Jill said...

mom took you to Peter Piper Pizza? Can't say I ever did that!

Ahh to be the last child!