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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm in love!

I hope I don't jynx myself here!
I have been very fortunate with my pregnancy in that I do not have any stretch marks. Jill didn't them either buy mom did so not sure where credit is due, but I use this Palmer's cocoa butter faithfully! I tried the stretch mark lotion and couldn't handle the smell so I went with this! I still have 8 weeks left and only time will tell if I will truly be fortunate in this department. I just have to stand proud for now, afterall, I got big fast, mutiple people have asked if I am expecting twins and yes they were serious. My sweet niece Mae informed me that her neighbor just had a baby and wasn't as big as me, I was told the same thing from a client! Anyway, doc assured me I look great and the weight I have gained is right where it should be and to punch anyone that asks is I'm having twins! So forgive me for boasting about my absense of stretch marks but gosh darn it I'm proud!
Now after reading this you would do me the kind favor and knock on some wood so I don't jynx myself, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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melissa said...

Butter, schmutter. You just have good skin. It runs in the family! I haven't one stretch mark. And yes, you can brag :)

Wildingkids said...

Ummmm if it runs in the family what happened to me??? I needed that stuff three kids ago! luckily mine do shrink back to almost nothing....atleast they have in the past! I can only hope they do that again!

Jill said...

lather up baby!

The Cole's said...

Everyone I've talked to says it just depends no your skin. But I don't know. I lathered up with Jergens as soon as my belly started growing & I'm stretch mark free after 2 babies! My mom and sister got them. . .so I don't know what makes me the lucky one.

Yeah for you!!

Brooke Nelson said...

I didn't have them until after I had the baby. sucks but that is what happened for me! Here's hoping that lotion works for you!