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Monday, February 14, 2011

Just so you know...

...we did celebrate Christmas and New Years and today we're celebrating Valentine's! Our little Jer-bug is growing fast. He's 5 months now. CrAZy right?! He's rolling over, and rolls back on occasion. He's eating his veggies, peas, green beans and carrots. We'll introduce fruits in a few weeks more than likely. We're a month behind on his Wellness visits so tomorrow we have his "4" month visit, though really he's 5 and we'll get back on track and make it to his 6 month on time :) He likes to talk, though we're not sure what language he speaks. Hopefully we can learn it! On week days he's a good little napper, then on Sunday's he decides he doesn't want to be a good napper, but if he's happy about it, we let it slide a little! That's how we roll!
In less than 2 weeks we sign on our new townhome! We have made a couple visits to the ward and LOVE it. The people are so kind and friendly! We look forward to finally establishing ourselves in our own ward and not being temps anymore :)

And now for some pictures of our sweet Jerbug! Oh how we love him and laugh with him soo much every day! 

 Noggin ....Duuude!

 Remember when he was still in me? SO glad he arrived...a week after this lovely picture!

Remember when he was just this little guy?! Oh my gosh he makes me melt!


Tiff said...

Holy cow he's getting so big!! And he is SO adorable!

(Before you know it... he'll be 2. I can't believe how fast time flies!)

Marnie said...

He is so cute! I love his big smile.

melissa said...

I'm so glad his green-striped suit fits him :)

What a cutie boy!