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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camping 2008 was super great!

Friday night after work Mike and I got together with
some of our favorite friends for a little over night
camping trip!
We went up to Mirror Lake in the Uintah Mountains!
We had the BEST view ever! Sure our camping ground
was a little rocky but you couldn't beat the view we had!
Thanks to Mark for teaching us all how to fish!
Though we never really hooked a fish, Mike caught one with his bare hands!

Thanks gang! We had a great time!!


Shelleymarie said...

Hello cute Kim! You are married now, that's so great! Do you mind taking my last name off your "link list"? I'm trying to keep it off the blogging world. Thanks! p.s. cute blog!

Jene and Megan said...

How fun! And you really weren't kidding about the great view!! WOW!!

Jill said...

that a boy Mikey!

Marnie said...

Wow, catching a fish with your hands! That is a real man!

Fam in Real Life said...

How fun! Your pictures awesome! Lors

melissa e. said...

Happy camping! I know you secretly hate camping. We won't tell Mike for awhile...