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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

PASS and Promotion

The week we got back from our honeymoon I began training for my new assistant position at Equity and Mike was studying for his final! I'm now on my own, well sort of, with assisting (though Judd will obviously keep showing me the ropes) I feel like I'm catching on and getting somewhat of a system down, then more can be added to my plate! Mike took his final Tuesday night and PASSED!!!! YEAH!! I'm so proud of him! With all the wedding planning he had a few distractions along the way but he still managed pulled it off, he gets to move on into fall semester!! Way to go Mikey!

So this week has been pretty good for us and we plan to end it on a high note! We get to attend a wedding tomorrow for Bucky (Mike) and Amanda :) Then Jelaire and Kelly get married on Friday so we get to celebrate that as well!! And most importantly we get to spend Friday night with the Simmons gang playing hard one last time before Andy and Beth head back to Montana!

Have a great rest of the week friends!

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Venita said...

CONGRATS to both of you!! We are so proud! It sure was fun hanging out last night, we should do it again sometime. Call me!