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Monday, August 4, 2008

We now pronounce you...

Can you believe we did it!? Get your mind out....WE GOT MARRIED! We are officially Mr. and Mrs. Mike Simmons and what a blast it has been! Thanks to family and friends we had the BEST day...sure that's what every bride and groom says but seriously if you were there you know how perfect it truly was! It began with an amazing sealing I will never forget. So many people have commented on how wonderful he was and what great things he said as reminders to us all.
Ask anyone there, Mike and I were non-stop smiles, what a great way to start the day!

Along with family and a few close f
riends we enjoyed a yummy luncheon at the Lion House. We kept it simple, no program, no big speeches, just delicious food and good company.

Our reception was just a party to us! After about 45 minutes of greeting visitors we shoved cake in our faces and boogied down to some great tunes selected by us with a special dedication to the kids in the family with the Silly Dance Contest...such a hit we did it TWICE!!

We spent our honeymoon in California cruisin' in a blue convertible Ford Mustang! Mike looked like a stud...yes stud! It was so great, thank Mary at Hertz for the hook up! The beach weather was perfect, we beat the crowds at Disneyland by going early then hanging out at the pool in the afternoons! As much fun as we had we are so happy to be home and finally getting life back to normal....well...normal as we know it!

Thanks to everyone who made OUR day such a special one. We couldn't have done it without you. Espcially our parents. We love you all so much and will never forget how blessed we are to have you!

Thanks for stopping by gang...return often!
The Mike Simmons Family


Mike and Jenny said...

Such a CUTE couple. Really sorry I missed it. You look beautiful!! Glad you had such a great day and a wonderful honeymoon!!!

John said...

Mike looked good driving a blue convertible? I guess I'll have to take your word for it.
But seriously, congrats! We all had a blast that day. My boys actually loved the dancing. Johnny won't admit it though.
We'll have to get together soon.

the simmons

Heidi's Creations said...

You guys look so happy! We are all excited for you guys, enjoy this next phase in your life.

Heidi & family

Kory said...

Congrats again. Looks like you had fun in Disneyland.

The Washburns said...

OH what a cute couple! That day was a blast and again sorry for not making it to the reception I was totally depressed about it! Looks like you guys had a great honeymoon! How fun! You look like the perfect lil wife! So exciting! Love you guys!

Seth and Sarah said...

Yeah for you! It looks like you two had such a great time both on your wedding day and your honeymoon! Enjoy your time together!

Ben and Missy said...

You two look great together! I was so sorry to have missed your reception (out of town) Looks like it was a beautiful day!