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Friday, September 24, 2010

Good little boy!

 Well after my last post of having a little night owl he made a few changes! (Hope I don't jinx myself here, I did with the stretch marks dang it!) Anyway, our little Jeremy is sleeping SO great. I couldn't feel more lucky and blessed about it, especially with Mikey's work schedule. Little bug is sleeping in at least 4 hour blocks! So pretty much once in the middle of the night and then maybe one more time as Mikey is getting ready to leave for work, it's perfect! Nursing is going well. I was a little worried in the beginning but we seem to have it down...for the most part! He has this little smile he doesn't even know he has, I LOVE IT! His little Ooo faces just melt my heart. How did I live without this little fella?! I mean...seriously....look at this face!


Tiff said...

Oh my word.. he is adorable!

I want one!

Emily said...

He is so adorable Kim! Seriously. Makes me so excited for #2 :)
As far as stretch marks go, I thought I didn't have any and I was so proud. Then I got home from the hospital and could see my whole belly...I was so disappointed. It's all worth it though.

Badovinatz Family said...

You guys did good! He is so dang cute!!!