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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Third Trimester

Ok it's time to share my feelings on this third trimester. Not sure if waiting until now was such a good idea!!

The downers:
Hi, my belly is huge and no I'm not carrying twins, thanks for asking.
Yes the baby is still in me, haven't had him yet, thanks for asking.
"Mae I need you to put my shoes and socks on my feet, I can't bend over! Thanks doll"
Oh congrats baby you found your way up to mommy's ribs. Oh boy.
Can I order a porta-potty please?! Like seriously, how many times do I really HAVE to go as apposed to just feeling like I have to?
Yoga...you thought this would be on the good list didn't you?! WRONG!
OUCH. Constant pain, hoping these tears will be tears of joy before too long.

The uppers:
Let me think....
....give me a minute...
Oh, my belly does the wave...like nobody's bidness!
Still no stretch marks *knock on wood, NOW*
As far as swelling goes, I think I'm one of the lucky ones. Though I can't wear my own wedding ring it's not obvious to others that I've retained too much water.
"Can I get that for you? Kim, go rest, go home early" Sweet words I hear often. Lots of help.
Thanks mom for folding our laundry.....again! Again, LOTS of help!
Thank you for rubbing my feet, back, bum, and always loving me Mikey! (seriously the most patient loving love of my life. He's been amazing.)

Regardless of how much pain this little Jeremy is causing my body right now I still can't believe how much love I already have for him. Though his kicks are more on the painful side now, I find myself still enjoying them and I know he's growing nice and big in there. (Doctor is already estimating 7.5-8lbs) This journey will soon be over and new exciting whirlwind chapter will begin. Bring it on. We have plenty to learn and we have so many loved ones around us to teach us. Thank you to everyone for your constant love, concern, chats, shoulders to cry on, laughter over the silliness of all this and just for being a part of our lives!
Let's meet this little guy shall we?!


L and T said...

Can't wait to meet that guy. You guys will be such cute parents!

Tiff said...

You crack me up! I remember feeling the same way! (And yes. It's possible to go through a whole pregnancy with NO stretch marks! I'm knocking on wood for you. It's a great feeling.)

Oh yeah.. and go on milking all that great help for as long as possible. Serious. If you can sit on the couch enjoying that newborn while someone ELSE does your dishes, kudos to you, because that baby will grow up WAY too fast. :)

Cant wait to see pics of the little guy!

Badovinatz Family said...

The BEST part is that you TOTALLY FORGET all the pain you have been thru all the pain that you might and might not go thru during labor and have more!!! Can't wait til you have him he is going to be so handsome!

The Cole's said...

You are SO CLOSE! He'll be here before you know it and then you'll miss carrying him in your belly!

You look AWESOME by the way!

Jill said...

hang in there. soon you'll be able to sleep on your tummy again. Oh wait, your boobs will be too big so you won't but you will sleep like a champ!

melissa said...

Are you having twins?

KIDDING! Yes, lets meet this baby! Steph was due same as you and gave birth last night:) Think good thoughts.