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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Date night at the temple!

Last night Mike and I had the great opportunity to go to the Draper Temple open house.
Jeph and Venita had some extra tickets from their ward so we joined them along
with Mike and Lynn (my wonderful in-laws!) When we got to the church we discovered
2 of the buses had broken down so they were more than an hour behind schedule. Being the great thinkers that we are, we just drove there ourselves. (Not really what they wanted us to do, but we rebelled and went anyway....) We parked right on the temple grounds and walked right in!

IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!! Please if you have the opportunity to go, especially if you're not currently endowed, please do. The ceilings were ever so high with incredible chandeliers hung in the Celestial room and the sealing rooms.
I told Mike when I ever "upgrade" my ring it should just be a replica of those gorgeous crystals! **side note, I LOVE my ring, I have no plans of actually upgrading in the near future!**

Anyway, it took about 45 minutes to walk thru. We then went to Chili's for dinner. YUM!
Jeph and Venita then joined us for Ghost Town at our place. For those who haven't seen it, Ghost Town = Hilarious! We had some good laughs :)

We love date night, and this was a special one!


Peggy said...

Fun! We're hoping to get some tickets, too. They're giving them to the youth first (I know, totally unfair, right?). Hopefully we'll get to go. I haven't been to a temple open house since Bountiful. Anyway, fun date night for you!

melissa said...

so, you're saying I shouldn't take my kids?

Brianne & Jarod said...

Looks like a REAL FUN DATE! Wish that we could go...

Tara said...

Adam and I are going next Saturday. Thanks again Mikey for being willing to work for me so I can go!

Clifton and Melinda said...

How cool!! I want to go really bad! :) Our ward isn't scheduled until close to my due date though...so we shall see!

Seth and Sarah said...

I love temple open houses! How great for you! It looks like you've kicked your winter blues...you look so happy in all your photos!

Amanda said...

Looks like fun. We WISH we could go. Boo hoo. We're happy to live vicariously through you two, though!

Peggy said...

We got our tickets! I am so excited for my girls to see the inside of the temple.