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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kicking the Winter Blues

I know most of us are done with winter, the bitter cold, the dirty slush, and cloudy days.
Though the past week has brought us MUCH more sunlight this month has been a
tough one for me. The winter blues have just taken over me. Is anyone
with me on this one?! (please say yes so I'm not alone here!)

I have struggled getting out of bed in the mornings, my body aches more than normal.
Let's not even start to talk about the constant irritability, and moodiness. My poor
husband has put up with a lot this month. Poor guy. I want to publicly thank him
for his ongoing patience and love for me. He may not have a lot of patience for
stupid drivers but he has always had incredible patience with me no matter
what. He has been my strength this month and he deserves the gold medal!
(isn't he handsome!? I think so!)

I love you Mikey! Thanks for being my everything!

Also...Oranges are really good in the morning and I have found this boosts my
morning spirits a bit :)

Go away blues, go away winter, bring on spring!


Marnie said...

I am with you - I want spring! I am done with winter. Hope you can get over the blues!

Manda said...

I think I have some oranges in the kitchen... I'm gonna go snag one. I am totally with you. When it's cold and yucky outside, I don't every want to leave my house -- which makes me lazy and grumpy all day long. Oranges it is then!

Emily said...

I was just saying yesterday how much I hate this time of year. It always tricks you into thinking it's almost spring, and then it will dump snow on us all over again. UGH!

Seth and Sarah said...

I do love the snow and drinking hot chocolate to keep me warm, however, all winter long there is always a part of me wishing it were spring already! Plus, I'm sick of socks and shoes...we need flip flop weather back!