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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pinky Swear


I remember actually hating the color pink when I was little! Now I can't get enough of it! For 1 it's a good color for red heads, 2 it's a happy color, and 3 you can find just about anything in pink :-) My favorite perfume, Paris Hilton's Cancan, even has a pink feather on it. (yes I wear the scent of Paris Hilton...it's so hot!)

Today I will share 3 "pink" items that were surrounding me today. First off...my bum...no no I will not be posting nude pics, the pants people. Though not entirely pink there is some pink on the lettering and well...it says PINK so are you really going to argue this with me?

What better way to feed my bum (which apparently is being fed quite well) is to create a delicious meal while wearing this pink apron! My mom made it for me for Christmas and I love it...kind of wish it was a dress!

Then to workout my bum I jam to this, my pink zune. Mikey got me my very own for Christmas. It has some of my favorite funky tunes to get my groove goin'. Lately Christina Aguilera has really got my booty shakin'...and ya know what...I'm pretty sure I've seen her in plenty of pink as well :)

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Tomorrow I'll say "yellow" to you!


Peggy said...

Oh, aren't you clever?! Very cute. LOVE that apron! And thanks for not showing your bare bum.

Meagan said...

You sure have a sexy bum. Thanks for all the wonderful color days.

Seth and Sarah said...

I'm glad someone likes pink, because I can't stand it! I agree that it is a happy color, but still. This baby better be a boy because I'm not ready for pink everything!